Reid Henion (President)

Reid has been an active sound engineer since 1972, and he has extensive experience in audio recording, live sound engineering, system design, customer training, and project management.  Reid heads up the higher profile or more complicated systems that benefit from his wide range of knowledge and experience. In our Event Services division, Reid shepherded projects such as the “Royal Welcome” for Queen Elizabeth in 2007. In 2008, he directed our production of both the state Republican and Democratic conventions. In our Design & Installation division, Reid was the principal salesman and designer for the audio and lighting systems that we installed at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville,VA and this system was the featured cover story of the July 2010 issue of “Live Sound International” magazine, the leading journal for professional audio video systems in auditoria and arenas.


Brian Taylor (Vice President, Design & Installation)

Brian brings a broad base of knowledge with him from his 20+ years in the audio and electronics fields.  He has designed many church, theater, and auditorium sound and video systems and is familiar with the latest computer-aided sound system design techniques.  He holds certifications from EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) design software, Smaart acoustical measurement software, as well as having many factory training certificates for the products we represent.  In addition, Brian understands the construction business and directs and manages all aspects of our sales, design, and installation processes for all of the audio, video, lighting, and acoustics systems that we provide.  Brian is the chief sound system trainer at Stage Sound and has been the technical director at Church of the Holy Spirit here in Roanoke since 1996


Jay Ensor (System Designer & Project Manager)

Jay has 20 years experience in the electrical, audio-visual contracting, and construction industries as a lead technician, crew leader, and project manager.  Jay’s primary strengths include resource loading (recruiting and staffing), resource leveling (sharing resources), team building, team consensus building, budget management, maintaining construction and job timelines, and meeting installation deadlines and equipment delivery dates.  Jay immensely enjoys navigating all aspects of complex projects.

Susan Gibson (System Designer & CAD Specialist)

Susan holds a B.S. In Mathematics from Virginia Tech and has been a respected live sound engineer since 1993.  She has worked thousands of events in nearly every aspect of live production, including several years as Production Coordinator for our Event Services Division.  She transferred to our Design & Installation team early in 2009, and is currently designing, estimating, and managing projects, as well as being our chief CAD programmer, handling the majority of the company’s AutoCAD-related tasks.  In between her office tasks, she stays up-to-date with the latest sound, lighting, and video equipment and techniques by continuing to provide her technical expertise on some of the higher profile events in the area.  She has also been the chief house sound engineer at Roanoke’s Jefferson Center since 2001.