General Electric, Salem, VA

When General Electric realized that an important corporate business meeting was to be held in only a few weeks, and their two main conference rooms needed some repair and care, they knew exactly who to call! We sent one of our “rapid response” installation teams to completely re-wire two of their conference rooms (with one also getting a new video projector from Boxlight) for improved tabletop connectivity as well as a much improved aesthetic appearance. Rather than having unsightly cables hanging down from the projector at the ceiling to connect to a computer (that’s what GE was forced to do before we arrived), we installed new analog and digital video inputs in a recessed conference table pockets and extended those wires through the floor, up the wall, and over to the projectors.

In this photo, Joe is making the final wiring terminations at one of the projectors (it was a long day – I think Joe needed a shave!).

Key equipment used in this installation: